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WOW 2020 Events


Stay tuned for event updates 


June 11 - 18th ~ Malone @ Franklin County Fair Grounds

Look for future locations in Bangor, Fort Covington & Ray Brooke in the next few weeks!!


Bottle Drive in May 2020 ~ Chateaugay @ Alix's True Value

February 22, 2020 

Pancakes for Supper   Hosted at Burke Volunteer Fire Station

Cheese Basket Sale: With coordination & contribution from local markets - (Agri-Mark Co-Op, Helm Haven Farm, Meier's Cheese, Wood's Maple Syrup, 3 Wyn Farms)  to sell baskets in November that will contribute to each the cost to attend.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these, please call the office!!

Delivery of Goods after December 16th, 2019


Done:  Spaghetti with a Vet Meal on November 10th, 2019

Done: WOW Event @ Tractor Supply - Petting zoo & Food Sale, November 12th 

2019 Bottle Drives

Done: October 7th through 12th

Done: September 5 - 15th, Chateaugay NY

Done: Clover Eats Fair Stand, Franklin County Fairgrounds

Done: July 23 to July 31, Fort Covington, NY

Done: July 12 to 22nd, 2019, North Bangor, NY

Done: May 11, 2019 WOW Auction Event

Franklin County Fairgrounds



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