Asian Longhorned Beetle


Our staff works to engage with the community to solve and respond to key environmental challenges, reduce and make more equitable our collective use of the Earth's resources, and inspire respect for natural systems and our reliance on them. 

Stream retoration

Stream Reconstruction

Visit our list of links to find information on how to rebuild your stream following a flooding event, and on the advantages of creating riparian buffers.

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Asian longhorn beetle

Asian Longhorned Beetle

First found in New York in 1996, the Asian Longhorned Beetle is a serious threat to our maples and other hardwood trees.

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Cattails farm pond


Find resources on building a new pond, controlling algae, and attracting wildlife to your pond, here on our site.

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Woods yates

Woodlot Management

Find resources on how to efficiently manage your woodlot, here on our website.

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Zebra mussel

Zebra Mussels

Zebra mussels filter vast amounts of plankton, which decreases the food source of other species and subsequently causes a lack of clarity in the water. Learn the dangers of zebra mussels and how to prevent their spread, here.

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Chain saw

Chainsaw Safety

Find resources to help you choose a chainsaw that's right for you, and guidelines for using it safely and effectively, here on our Chainsaw Safety page.

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Last updated July 18, 2016