Canoeing at 4-H Camp Overlook

Campers at 4-H Camp Overlook

Lake at 4-H Camp Overlook

Beach and lake at 4-H Camp Overlook

canoes at 4-H Camp Overlook

canoes at 4-H Camp Overlook

campers at 4-H Camp Overlook

Campers in evening performances at 4-H Camp Overlook

Camp Overlook campers

Campers at 4-H Camp Overlook

campers at 4-H Camp Overlook

Games at 4-H Camp Overlook

Camp Overlook
Snowy Overlook

Snow at 4-H Camp Overlook

4-H Camp Overlook

The direct contact for 4-H Camp Overlook is 518-483-4769

4-H Camp Overlook is owned and operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties. The mission of 4-H Camp Overlook is to provide a natural Adirondack environment where youth, under the guidance of positive role models, take part in a personal growth experience that emphasizes community building, positive social interactions, environmental awareness, skill building, and fun.

Camp Overlook is a traditional Adirondack non-profit summer camp open to ALL children, both 4-H members and non-members alike. 

We provide an affordable resident camp experience to children 6 to 18 years old. In addition to the stunning scenery and the crisp, clean air, the summer camp experience enables your children to build confidence and friendships they can carry throughout the entire year, long after summer is over.

There are no televisions, computer games, cell phones etc., at Camp Overlook. Instead, the campers spend their days developing new interests and interacting with other young people. Without parents around, the campers take on responsibilities like cabin clean-up, making their own beds, personal hygiene, etc.

Camp Overlook also offers camp rentals and Adventure Course ropes programs (both high & low elements, including a zip line). It’s a great way to build teamwork & cohesion in your classroom or office. Combined with a picnic in a pristine outdoors setting, Camp Overlook is a great place to spend a day!

For more information about 4-H Camp Overlook, call the camp office at (518) 483-4769, or visit the camp’s website:

Last updated February 28, 2023