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Public Speaking: It's for You!

4‐H Public Presentations is a nationally recognized element of the Cooperative Extension 4‐H Youth Development Program. The public speaking event is one of 4‐H's most beneficial and rewarding experiences. It is the program most often credited by 4‐H alumni as having given them an edge above their peers in both college and professional careers. Through a progressive series of communication activities, youth develop poise; gain self‐confidence before a group; learn to express ideas clearly; learn how to respond spontaneously to questions; and gain subject matter knowledge. 4‐H Members throughout NYS, as well as the country, have an advantage in public speaking because they are given the opportunity to develop and hone their speaking and communication skills through the 4‐H Public Presentation Program.

4-H Public Presentations is a program in which youth learn to create a presentation and develop the skills needed to present it before an audience. You learn about the research process and the steps needed to organize information into an interesting and creative presentation.

4-H Public Presentations is an investment in your future and every member, including Cloverbuds, should participate every year. This is not a competition, rather an opportunity to become a better you! You cannot fail, but you will learn, grow and develop lifelong speaking abilities that will help you now in school, home and in club/community leadership opportunities.

Youth learn about the varied purposes of presentations and how to tailor their presentations appropriately to fit their intentions. Beginners are encouraged to select simple topics with which they are extremely comfortable, so that the presentation process is the focus of their learning without the stress of learning about an unfamiliar topic.

Participants can choose from the following types of presentations:

  • Demonstration: This type of presentation requires you to talk while working on something. It can be cooking, sewing, building, etc.
  • Illustrated Talk: This is slightly more formal, using a poster or technology to help you relay your message.
  • Speech: This is for the more experienced speaker, you do not use posters or technology to get your point across.
  • Dramatization/Recitation: A fun, confidence building experience -- it is like acting only with no props.

As youth progress and grow each year, they are challenged to try one of the more difficult types of presentations, to use more advanced technology in their presentations where appropriate, and to venture into unfamiliar topics or presentation styles.

Level I - Club presentations. 4-H members are encouraged to prepare and present their 4-H presentation in front of their primary 4-H Club. The presentation is not formally evaluated but rather used as practice to prepare for 4-H County Presentations.

4-H County Presentations

Level II - County event. 4-H members present in front of trained volunteer evaluators in a classroom style setting. Numerical scores are given by the evaluators. Participation awards are given immediately after the event. Presenters who qualify, based on age and score, may be selected to advance on to the 4-H District Presentations.

Area Presentations are held in March and early April annually. March 28, 2023, 5-8:00 pm at the county courthouse in Malone. Register here:

4-H District Day

Level III - District event. Selected 4-H members from Northern Counties take part in this event. Presentations are given in a public setting to trained volunteer evaluators. Numerical scores given by evaluators. Participation certificates are awarded immediately after event. Registration required.

Information will be provided if selected to advance.  Date for 2023 is: April 29th, held in St Lawrence County


Level IV - State event.

4-H members who qualify based on age and scores may be selected to advance to the New York State 4-H Public Presentations event. 2023 place and date will be announced

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