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4-H can provide many opportunities to better your community through volunteering

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4-H Meeting Guidance & Best Practices, June 2020

Volunteer with 4-H

Inspire the next generation… Become a 4-H Volunteer!

You are more than just a volunteer in 4-H – you are instrumental in inspiring the next generation. 4-H programs look to volunteers to help our young people learn the skills they need to prepare for careers in the 21st century while also having fun!

In 4-H, youth learn through opportunities in which they master life challenges, cultivate independence with guidance from caring adults, gain a sense of belonging within a positive group, and share a spirit of generosity with others.

Volunteers are essential to help youth make the most of these learning opportunities.   This video forum is designed to provide current or prospect volunteers with information and an opportunity to join in with their questions!  

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Patricia Banker
4-H Program Educator
(518) 483-7403

Last updated February 12, 2024