Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop

  • Friday, August 18, 2017, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Plant-Based Dyeing Workshop: Friday, August 18, 1-4pm

Facilitated by Cornell Garden-Based Learning and hosted by Paul Smith’s College
Osgood Farm and Visitor Interpretive Center at 8023 State Rt. 30 Paul Smiths, NY.

Your flower patch or vegetable garden is quite possibly a dyer’s garden in disguise.
Dozens of common plants can be harvested and made into colorful dyes. Experimenting
with natural dyes derived from your garden offers great opportunities for integrated
learning, including art projects and scientific exploration.

Join us for a workshop focused on plant-based dyes! Participants will explore natural
dyeing processes and experiment with different dyes and techniques, as well as learn
some techniques for going further later, and will discover other art-based garden
activities to engage and inspire youth, adults and families in their communities.

This workshop is ideally suited for educators, volunteers and community members
who engage youth, adults or families in the garden setting.

Note: You will need two small and clean items to experiment with. We suggest 100%
cotton white garments such as: cotton socks, cotton boxer briefs, a cotton T-shirt, or
other small cellulose fiber item (rayon and linen work well). Please, no polyester,
although we have found that clothing with a very small amount of other material (e.g.,
the stretchy materials in socks) can be fine.

For more information or to register, please contact FionaDoherty at
Fcd9@cornell.edu or 607-255-7351. Register before Monday, August 14.