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Master Food Preservation Course

Master Food Preservation Courses, One-Day or 2 Day Home Preservation Classes are offered throughout the year.

Storing and preserving vegetables, fruits, berries, meats, fish that are in season is a wonderful way to have a secure food source for the winter. Knowing how to safely preserve food is the best insurance that your efforts will be both delicious and healthy for your family.

 Classes are  science- based, hands-on courses that is perfect for the person who wishes to safely preserve many different foods for their family. Participants may take an additional session and test to receive a certificate of completion if they wish to go on to teach food preservation.

Learn to safely BWB (boiling water bath) preserve delicious, pickled products, jams and jellies including sugar free jam. Use both dial gauge and rocker gauge pressure canners to can meats, vegetables, soups, and sauces. Dehydrate vegetables and make beef jerky, or vegetarian jerky that is great for backpacker meals. Fermentation processes to make healthy fermented pickled vegetables. Proper freezing techniques that will keep your foods fresher, longer and learn how to keep your frozen foods safe longer in a power outage. All processes will be hands-on.

All supplies provided. Lunch included. All food made in this course will go home with participants. Master Food Preservation Manuals and “So Easy to Preserve” may be book included.

Contact Pat Banker, or 518-327-3457 for more information or to schedule a class.


Patricia Banker
4-H Program Educator
(518) 483-7403

Last updated December 4, 2023