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September 2019

Berube Botanicals - Jessica Prosper, Agriculture Educator

Apple Spiced Baked Oatmeal Squares - Dan Sweet, Family Health & Well-Being Educator

It's Apple Season! - Richard Gast, CCE Franklin

The Adirondack Rural Skills & Homesteading Festival - Pat Banker, 4-H Program Assistant

August 2019

Fill a Glass with Hope - Jessica Prosper, Agriculture Educator

4H Youth & Their Families Ready for the Franklin County Fair  - Richard Gast, CCE Franklin

A Small Victory for Bird Conservation -Richard Gast, CCE Franklin

4-H Tech Changemakers make Progress - Pat Banker, Mikayla Foster, 4-H Program Assistants

Coyotes - Friend or Foe? - Richard Gast, CCE Franklin

Bacon and Avocado Hash Brown Eggs - Dan Sweet, Family Health and Well-Being Educator

National Fajita Day - Emily Tremblay, Family Health and Well-being Educator

July 2019

Love Animals? Join CART (Community Animal Response Team) - Jessica Prosper, Agriculture Educator

I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice Cream - Emily Tremblay, Family Health & Well-being Educator

Career Explorations - Oksana Wynnik, Franklin County 4-H Member

Adirondack Harvest Farmers Markets - Richard Gast, CCE Franklin

Creamy Cucumber Salad - Dan Sweet, Family Health and Wellbeing Educator

Youngest campers experience 4H Camp - Carlie Leary, Assistant Director, 4-H Camp Overlook

National Blueberry Month - Emily Tremblay, Family Health & Well-Being Educator

Pirates Take Over 4-H Camp Overlook! - Carlie Leary, Assistand Director, 4-H Camp Overlook

June 2019

Mens Health Month - Emily Tremblay, Family Health & Well-Being Educator

National Mentoring Program returns to Salmon River - Jarret Lamica, National Programming Site Coordinator

Are there cougars in the Adirondacks... or Not? -Richard Gast, CCE Franklin

Dairy Camp, 2019

Goat Camp, 2019

Benefits of Unplugging from Technology - Brielle Carnright, SUNY Potsdam Community Health Intern

May 2019

Native Fungi May Offer Safe, Natural, Biological Control Treatment for Invasive Sap-Feeding Insect, Richard Gast, CCE Franklin

Capital Days 2019, Kathryn Bosley & Amy Gokey, Franklin County 4-H Members

New Executive Director Named, Kathy Dumas, President, Board of Directors

Sundae on the Farm 2019, Steve McDonald, Association Issue Leader

It's Hummingbird Season, Richard Gast, CCE Franklin


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