“Reestablishing Hops in the North Country©” kick-off dinner attendees

“Reestablishing Hops in the North Country©” kick-off dinner attendees

Image by R LeVitre
Colorado State University Extension Specialist, Dr. Ron Godin
Image by Rick LeVitre

Colorado State University Extension Specialist, Dr. Ron Godin


    “Reestablishing Hops in the North Country ©”


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    Hops Specialist Comes to Town

    Hops growers received instruction and one-on-one guidance at their hop yards with Colorado State University Extension Specialist, Dr. Ron Godin last week. Coordinated by CCE under its “Reestablishing Hops in the North Country” program and sponsored by a grant from CloudSplitter Foundation, the Colorado expert traveled to NNY to present at a class and then journeyed with Director LeVitre to 5 sites observing the growers’ hop yards, explaining how to interpret soil tests, manage trellising, demonstrating insect and disease scouting and answering a myriad of questions.

    The 3 days of activity began on Thursday with a class for growers and those interested in the hop business. The class was conducted at Paul Smiths College. 27 attendees, eager for information, listened and watched intently as Dr. Godin went through many aspects of summer production of hops. Questions from the audience were abundant. Growers from Copenhagen as well as brewers from Old Forge mingled with locals and discussed their experiences.   Download Dr. Godin's PowerPoint presentation here.

    Audience with Dr. Ron Godin

    Dr. Ron Godin

    Cones starting to form on hop plants.

    Following the 3 hour class, participants joined others interested in the economic development potential of a cash crop for the area at the Joan Weill Student Center for an amazing beer pairing dinner provided by Paul Smith College and Sodexo Conference Services. The college was a major collaborator in the event, as President Cathy Dove described and hoped for similar involvements in the future. Ted Coughlin, owner of Ironclad Brewery in North Carolina, a member of the investment group Point Positive based in Saranac Lake and a native of Malone, was also a major sponsor for the dinner.

    The next two days were spent stopping at hop yards across the county, giving hands-on instruction and guidance on the establishment of hop plants.

    George & Denise Rogers' Hop Yard

    Grower Steve Fleury, Dr. Ron Godin & Phil Posey


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