Bobcat Hour

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Franklin County has recently added yet another after-school collaboration. Along with Tupper Lake CSD, Salmon River CSD, Chateaugay CSD, Cornell Cooperative Extension adds Brushton-Moira CSD to the list. CCE is working closely with Northern Adirondack CSD to extend the school day and provide extracurricular learning opportunities to elementary students.

The new program started In september at the Northern Adirondack elementary school. The program is open to all elementary students enrolled in the Central School District. The new program has been coined “Bobcat Hour”, after the mighty Northern Adirondack Bobcats. Students will receive extra help with school work from hired high-school tutors with superior academic standing and participate in a multitude of “learning by doing” activities. Activities students may engage in throughout the school year include; snow-shoeing, wood-working, GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) activities, crafts, animal tracking, heart health awareness activities, archery, and many more! The curricula used are adapted from school-enrichment programs designed by National 4-H. Not only will students have the opportunity to learn new and exciting information from 4-H, but students also will spend at least 1 hour a day participating in physical activities and games.

Parents will need to enroll students through an enrollment sheet that can be found through the district or at the CCE office. Once students are enrolled they begin the program immediately after dismissal. Students will begin to participate in extra-curricular activities, enjoy a light and healthy snack, and have the opportunity to receive extra help with homework and school projects. Parents can pick-up students at their convenience or until 5:30pm at the NAC Elementary Science lab.

For more information call the Cornell Cooperative Extension office of Franklin County at (518)-483-7403 or contact the Brushton-Moira CSD administration.

Last updated March 22, 2019